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Senior Brewer Tom Slack with a pint of Golden Best.

Golden Best

3.5% ABV

The Last of the true Pennine light milds. A crisp, amber coloured beer that makes a refreshing session ale. The smooth and creamy flavour makes it a popular choice close to the brewery, and increasingly in destination pubs across the country.

The Landlord’s Crucial Role.


We’re often asked by publicans why our beer takes longer to settle. The answer lies in what our brewers like to call a ‘vigorous secondary fermentation’.

This extra conditioning in the cask results in a cleaner, clearer, crisper beer. It means you sometimes have to wait for forty eight hours for the beer to drop bright, but we think the wait is worth it for the taste, and drinkers seem to agree.

We still brew our beers without compromise the traditional Taylor’s way. By hand with Knowle Spring water from our brewery well. Still with the finest Golden Promise barley grown specially for us. Still with whole flower hops from our expert growers. And still with our own special strain of Taylor’s yeast. We know it’s the hard way, but as we say, we do it all for that taste of Taylor’s.

Thanks to the landlords and publicans who also put in the extra time and effort to serve it.

Our Brewer’s Notes


A light mild with a delicate balance of subtle flavours. An easy drinking beer with light floral notes and a smooth, creamy body.

Golden Best Awards

Golden Best is one of Britain’s finest examples of a light mild and has been commended for its quality many times.

Brewing Industry International Awards


2nd Prize & Silver Medal Draught Pale Ale


1st Prize & Silver Medal Draught Pale Ale

Great British Beer Festivals


Winner Mild Ale Category


Champion Mild Ale of Britain


Highly Commended Mild Ale of Britain


Highly Commended Mild Ale of Britain

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