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Head brewer Andrew Leman with a pint of well-loved and much awarded Landlord.


4.3% ABV

The drinkers’ favourite, a 4.3% classic pale ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma. A recent survey revealed that Landlord has the highest proportion of drinkers who call it their favourite ale. And it has won more awards than any other beer, winning both CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain and the Brewing Industry Challenge Cup four times.

Why Landlord


Recent research* revealed that Landlord has the highest proportion of drinkers who consider it their favourite ale, but the lowest proportion who can find it in their local. Why not be the pub where drinkers can find their favourite beer?
* Incite Quantitative Consumer Pricing Research. May 2015.

The Landlord’s Crucial Role.


We’re often asked by publicans why our beer takes longer to settle. The answer lies in what our brewers like to call a ‘vigorous secondary fermentation’.

This extra conditioning in the cask results in a cleaner, clearer, crisper beer. It means you sometimes have to wait for forty eight hours for the beer to drop bright, but we think the wait is worth it for the taste, and drinkers seem to agree.

We still brew our beers without compromise the traditional Taylor’s way. By hand with Knowle Spring water from our brewery well. Still with the finest Golden Promise barley grown specially for us. Still with whole flower hops from our expert growers. And still with our own special strain of Taylor’s yeast. We know it’s the hard way, but as we say, we do it all for that taste of Taylor’s.

Thanks to the landlords and publicans who also put in the extra time and effort to serve it.

Our Brewer’s Notes

A strong classic ale with a golden amber colour. It has a scent of caramel, light fruits and roasted malt hints.

Malt: 100% Golden Promise Barley

Hops: Styrian Goldings, Goldings and Fuggles

Aroma: Caramel, malt and flowery.

Tasting: Slightly sweet, summer fruits and a hoppy dryness

Best enjoyed between 11°C & 13°C

Landlord Awards

Landlord has won more awards than any other beer. It has the unique distinction of winning both CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain and the Brewing Industry Challenge Cup four times. Below are a sample of recent wins.

Brewing Industry International Awards


Highly Commended


1st Prize & Gold Medal


Draught Beer Challenge Cup


2nd Prize & Silver Medal


3rd Prize & Bronze Medal


1st prize and Gold Medal

Great British Beer Festivals


Gold Award


Silver Award - Runner up to Supreme Champion


Bronze Award


Bronze Award


Bronze Award

Food matching

Landlord History


It all began in 1952 when the chairman, Philip Taylor, and other senior brewing staff decided to create a new premium beer. Philip knew a thing or two about brewing having trained at Ilkley Brewery before joining the family firm in 1923. He was very much a “hands on” brewer and laid down the principles of brewing at the Knowle Spring brewery which are still used today. The strong pale ale which emerged from the drawing board was designed to be a bottled brand to meet a growing market

The new ale was based on Taylor’s BB, a beer occasionally brewed in the 1930s to a superior bitter recipe, and was launched on to the market as “Competition Ale”. The competition was for drinkers to come up with a suitable name for the new beer. It was eventually won by the steward of the Drill Hall in Keighley who won £500 (£10,000 in today’s money) for naming it Landlord. The Landlord label was another inhouse initiative thanks to Philip’s daughter, Roberta, an art student, who devised an eye catching “jovial landlord” image to attract the attention of customers.

Bottled Landlord at once proved a success. However, it was head brewer Sidney Fairclough who presided over the brewhouse from 1954 to 1966 and who orchestrated the launch of the draft version. Work to refine the beer as a brand of true quality was then continued by his successor Allan Hey and today’s head brewer Peter Eells.

Since the 1970s Landlord has blazed a trail across the British brewing industry, winning numerous medals and prizes. Today Landlord is enjoyed by discerning beer drinkers throughout the country and remains the biggest single brewing industry award winner. It holds the unique distinction of being the only beer ever to simultaneously hold CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain and the Brewing Industry International Awards Supreme Championship Cup in 1999/2000. This was after scooping Beer of the Year awards at CAMRA’s Great British Beer festivals in consecutive years – 1982 and 1983.