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Crytic Crossword Answers

Timothy Taylor’s Newsletter – Issue 35

Blackbess / One of the last beers to be bottled on our old lines

Management / This 90’s special was in honour of ‘his’ retirement.

Havercake / oft paraded on a pike this oaty food was the staple of the Pennines to tempt the troops

Golden / It all starts with a scots promise.

Brewers / It takes five of these to make every pint

Hops / Some may know it as Humulus lupulus, we hope you’ll know different.

Knowle / This name will spring to mind, you will know it.

Yeast / At over 1800 generations old, you’d think it was mouldy by now, well it is!

Maltster / Were ‘smart’ to ‘let’ him at our ingredients, it makes all the difference.

Shackleton / An early partner his only exploration was in brewing

Camra / Surely it would be Carma to win these awards for our ales

Cyclops / Keeping a beady eye on all our ales, see, smell & tastes.

Ramtam / Don’t be sheepish about this nice winter warmer.

Tourdefrance / No yellow jersey needed for this grand departure.

Strisselspalt / A very french style ‘shop’, often seen with nice blondes.