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Timothy Taylor’s only use the very finest ingredients in our beer.
These combined with our uncompromising brewing process ensure we deliver that taste of Taylor’s every time.
We can’t put it down to one thing, or even a couple of things. It’s the result of many things that we do our own way,
still the traditional way, and our refusal to compromise on quality of ingredients or brewing.

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Is this the most cultured  yeast in Yorkshire?

Is this the most cultured yeast in Yorkshire?

Taylor’s yeast is a unique strain that we began using over 40 years ago and has regenerated over 2,000 times. It has adapted to the specific conditions of our brewery and we look after it carefully to maintain its consistency. When we fill our casks we don’t extract the yeast, which allows it to undergo a secondary fermentation in the cask. This gives Taylor’s beer extra conditioning, flavour and life. So when you sup a pint of Landlord you can thank our cultured yeast for that clean, crisp flavour and attractive, moreish taste. 

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