Timothy Taylor's

Dark Mild

Smooth, Dark Ruby Ale

A 3.5% dark ruby beer with roasted notes and a smooth, creamy taste. A favourite of lovers of a good mild.

Especially popular in East Lancashire and loved as a guest further afield. One of the finest dark Yorkshire milds still in independent production.

Brewers' Notes

Pure Knowle Spring Water
Golden Promise Barley
Whole Leaf Hops
Styrian Goldings, Goldings, Fuggles
Taylor's Taste Strain
Malt, Hops, Yeast, Sugar, Water
Units Per Serving
Dark Deep Ruby
Caramel, Coffee, Roasted
Soft, Toffee, Nutty
Bitterness / IBU 20
Best Enjoyed At
Food Pairing
Chicken Liver Pâté, Liver & Onions, Mushroom Stroganoff
Calories Per 100ml

Dark Mild Awards

Brewing Industry International Awards

2004 Milds, Stouts & Porters competition Bronze Medal

1998 Dark Mild, Stouts & Porter Silver Medal & Certificate

1996 3rd Prize

1996 3rd Prize & Bronze Medal Cask Conditioned Draught Mild Ale

1980 2nd Prize & Silver Medal Draught Mild Ale

1976 1st Prize & Gold Medal Draught Mild Ale

The taming  of the kilderkin.

The taming of the kilderkin.

It may not appear hostile. But the Taylor’s cask is well known amongst landlords for its tendency to erupt and drench the unsuspecting if not handled correctly. We still brew our beer the traditional way, which means it undergoes a vigorous secondary fermentation in the cask. This extra conditioning results in a cleaner and crisper beer. But it also means that our casks demand extra time and care. So when you see Landlord in a pub, you know you’re in the presence of a landlord who has tamed the beast to bring you that Taylor’s Taste. Please thank them for their endeavours.

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