Running a Taylor's Pub

Ever thought about running your own pub? We believe and invest in people, find out more about what it's like running a Taylor's pub from our current pub tenants.

James | Hare & Hounds, Hebden Bridge

"The opportunity arose to take over my hometown pub, the Hare & Hounds, or Lane Ends as it is more affectionately known by the locals. Having no pub experience but a decent amount of business experience in other industries and food services/hospitality, we decided to the throw our hats in the ring.

"From the point of submitting interest, Timothy Taylor's where extremely helpful with the whole process which seemed to flow seamlessly. I will be honest, as we progressed through each stage and got nearer to our goal, the more excited and nervous we got!

"I can honestly say that Timothy Taylor's were so supportive and understanding and helped us to relax and encouraged us as we went on. They were very straight and honest, but also warm and friendly, unlike a large corporation with all the stiffness.

"From the point we took on the pub (and despite a handful of people commenting negatively about pubs with brewery ties) we were not deterred and chose to make our own mind up.

"That is where I would like to make the biggest statements about our experience. From start to where we are we could not wish for a better business partner to work with. We have been supported at every step of the way and have fallen in love with the Timothy Taylor's family, brand and company.

"We have been supported at every point by Area Manager John and Estate Director Paul. The great thing about being part of Timothy Taylor's family is just that, it's family! From meeting everyone from the cleaners to the POS team, Scott in Marketing, the admin and ordering team, the drays, and the maintenance team, everybody has been brilliant and so friendly! It really is a proper Yorkshire family - even fellow Taylor's tenants have helped us.

"Even amidst the pandemic with the financial/business uncertainties, the Taylor's family have pulled out all stops to support us in every way. Even cancelling the rent 100% from the point of lockdown and explaining a plan to gradually bring it back in once business starts to grow. We have even had financial help with our first few beer orders since reopening.

"Timothy Taylor's want you to do well, they want you to promote their brand and to continue the Taylor's tradition. They do not have a venture capitalist attitude and are not a greed-driven company.

"In six months, we have fully refurbished the pub inside and out and taken a failing business to a profitable concern with a golden future. This would not have been possible without having a partner like Timothy Taylor's. They are unique in who and what they are and proud of it; and rightly so!

"Kelly and I are not only proud to be part of the family but also very grateful for everything they have done for us. We would both like to say a big thank you and would highly recommend anyone interested in a pub opportunity to look at Timothy Taylor's and if you're lucky - there will be one available."

Mat & Kirsty | The Devonshire, Grassington

"We have run pubs for many years and are very experienced managers of large volume businesses. Matt was previously an Operations Manager for Hydes, with specific responsibility for food led outlets.

"We understand how small operational matters can affect a business.

"We had already started looking for a tenanted opportunity in the area when we came across The Devonshire and Timothy Taylor’s, who had recently purchased the pub.

"From the first meeting we found that ‘you can talk to Taylor’s’. All negotiations were open and honest with both sides being able to discuss and agree points. This is how the relationship has continued now that we have taken the tenancy agreement.

"We have appreciated the benefits of being in partnership with an established family brewer, that has the best interests of the property and tenant at the heart of all that they do.

"Great beers that are always delivered in superb condition and with bar technical support to back it up. The additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic has been second to none."

Mat & Jo | Brown Cow, Bingley

"Our journey with Timothy Taylors has been a long one, but it’s not over yet.

"We both started working part-time weekend hours for a Timothy Taylor's managed house when we turned eighteen. That was eighteen years ago for me, and twenty years for Mat.

"We fell in love with it. The job, yes, anyone who works in pubs will tell you it’s a way of life, but we fell in love with being a part of Timothy Taylor's (and each other!).

"We both gave up on other career ideas and after a few years, we ended up running pubs as a management couple. This was amazing. The company were fantastic to work for; the training we were given, the support, the perks were great.

"Then they changed directions and went down the route of tenanted houses and we were absolutely delighted when we were asked if we wanted to take on a tenancy with them. It was for a pub that we knew well, with a brewery we knew well so it was a no brainer for us and said yes before the Area Manager could finish his sentence.

"That was in 2014 and we’ve had the Brown Cow in Bingley since. Another Taylor’s pub came up for a tenancy opportunity in 2018 and we wondered whether we could run two. Turns out yes we could! the Town Hall Tavern in Leeds city centre is a totally different style of pub from the Brown Cow but we knew we’d have the support from the brewery and it’s worked out a treat.

"We feel so lucky to have been on this journey with Timothy Taylor’s. We’ve enjoyed the best times of our lives alongside them. We’ve so many memories and adventures - our wedding, having our children, made life-long friends with brewery staff and other pub owners/employees.

"They’ve been there for the hard times also - we were completely flooded in 2016 and had to rebuild, then hit hard by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic but Taylor’s have been amazing throughout.

"They are incredible and I honestly believe we couldn’t have achieved what we have with any other brewery or pub co. Thank you Timothy Taylor’s. Here’s to many more amazing years and probably more adventures!"

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