Timothy Taylor's

Cook Lane IPA

Aromatic, Hoppy IPA

Named after the site of Timothy Taylor’s first brewery in Keighley. The brewers wanted to create a best in class modern IPA using aromatic English-grown Cascade and Chinook hops.

This gives the beer a less harsh and more gentle flavour profile than many of the extreme, hoppy IPAs currently flooding the market.

Brewers' Notes

Pure Knowle Spring Water
Golden Promise Barley
Whole Leaf Hops
Cascade, Chinook
Taylor's Taste Strain
Malt, Oats, Rye, Hops, Yeast, Sugar, Water
Units Per Serving
Tropical Fruit, Pineapple
Toasty, Mango, Lime
Bitterness / IBU 52
Best Enjoyed At
Food Pairing
Oily Fish, Thai Green Chicken, Fajitas, Enchiladas
Calories Per 100ml

Cook Lane IPA Awards

British Bottler’s Institute Annual Competition

2018 Beer Tasting Silver Medal

2018 Diploma for the bottle design, labels and tray design - Taylor Made Range

Part of the Taylor Made range

Informed by tradition and crafted with experience  

Andrew Leman and his team of four Heriot-Watt-trained brewers have been experimenting, developing and tinkering with different malts, hop varieties and styles of beer in our five-brewer’s-barrels micro-brewery to create our Taylor Made range of craft beers.

Poulter’s Porter, Cook Lane IPA and Hopical Storm are contemporary, full-flavour beers with the timeless and inimitable Taylor’s Taste.

Cook Lane

What does a pigeon from Yorkshire know about good beer?

What does a pigeon from Yorkshire know about good beer?

The answer goes back to Allan Hey, our head brewer from 1966 to 1995. Allan used to count out exactly 100 grains of barley malt on top of a cask left out in the brewery yard, to see how many of the grains the pigeons would leave uneaten. It was his proven way to see how good the batch was. Another twenty years on, the way we brew our beer hasn’t changed. We still only use the finest Golden Promise barley, a variety normally reserved for malt whiskies. It’s a costly ingredient and difficult to grow, but we think it’s worth it. The proof is in that first sip.

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