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Our 5 highly trained brewers still brew all our beer by hand and taste test every batch at least three times.

Our Knowle Spring brewery sits on a natural artesian well, which provides a constant supply of pure Pennine spring water, unique to Taylor’s, that has been filtered through layers of limestone and black rock. Knowle Spring water is naturally soft and very pure. Its consistency is one of the reasons we are able to produce beers of such reliable quality and flavour.

We only use Golden Promise barley. It's the most expensive barley you can use for brewing beer, but we think it’s worth it.

We’re one of the last brewers in Britain to still use whole leaf hops. They cost more, are harder to store and take more looking after but we think they’re vital to the flavour of our beer.

A beer is only as good as its ingredients, so our farmers are an important part of the Taylor’s family. Our barley and hops are challenging crops that demand an expert farmer.

Our unique strain of yeast is over 1800 generations old and combines perfectly with our water and barley. It's appropriately called Taylor's Taste.

It's quite rare these days, but we still use a hop-back stage. This allows us to extract the most subtle flavours and aromas from the oils of the hops.

We think the human senses of taste and smell are still better than a computer when it comes to beer. So our brewers test every ingredient, and every brew is tasted at least three times for quality and consistency.

We clean and inspect every single cask before allowing them to be filled with our beer.

Delivering Taylor’s beer is a labour of love for our Draymen, who travel the roads of Yorkshire and beyond come rain, sleet or snow. Temperature is crucial to cask conditioning, so we keep our long-distance drays at cellar temperature. This means our beers always arrive at their best.

Our beers are known for their balance of flavour and clarity. They need a bit more care and looking after to achieve this. When you find a great pint of Taylor’s beer you know the landlord knows their beer.

Taking extra time, care and pride in traditional, hands-on brewing, making no compromise when it comes to ingredients.

All for that taste of Taylor's.