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We are pleased to announce that we have reopened our online shop. We were sorry to have to close it at the end of March, when so many of you were keen to order our beer, but the large increase in orders combined with our small packing area created an unsafe working environment for our team.

We have now managed to supplement our packing area with another larger one elsewhere in the brewery which should enable us to both cope with demand and ensure a safe ‘social distancing’ environment for the team. Also, at least initially, the range offered will be more limited than usually.

Thank you for your patience.

Timothy Taylor’s

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All for that taste of Taylor's

Timothy Taylor’s only use the very finest ingredients in our beer.
These combined with our uncompromising brewing process ensure we deliver that taste of Taylor’s every time.
We can’t put it down to one thing, or even a couple of things. It’s the result of many things that we do our own way,
still the traditional way, and our refusal to compromise on quality of ingredients or brewing.

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When a Yorkshireman finds a source  of pure spring water, he doesn’t bottle it. He builds a brewery on it.

When a Yorkshireman finds a source of pure spring water, he doesn’t bottle it. He builds a brewery on it.

In 1863 Timothy Taylor was given the opportunity to buy land over a natural aquifer spring. He did what any good Yorkshireman would, and immediately started work building a brewery. Ever since, The Knowle Spring has been the source of the unique spring water we use to brew our beers. Filtered through layers of black rock and limestone, it is said to taste like melted snow. It’s a very pure and consistent water, one of the reasons we are able to brew beer of such reliable quality and taste.
After that first sip you might agree. 

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