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Timothy Taylor’s only use the very finest ingredients in our beer.
These combined with our uncompromising brewing process ensure we deliver that taste of Taylor’s every time.
We can’t put it down to one thing, or even a couple of things. It’s the result of many things that we do our own way,
still the traditional way, and our refusal to compromise on quality of ingredients or brewing.

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Fuggles farmer foils attack of the killer wilt.

Fuggles farmer foils attack of the killer wilt.

In our eyes, farmer Tom Spilsbury is a hero worthy of immortalising as a statue. Over the past few decades, the killer wilt fungus has decimated acres of English Fuggles hops  –  an ingredient crucial to the Taylor’s taste. Thankfully, Tom agreed to plant two new yards of Fuggles, specifically for us, in soil elevated above local rivers. This protects our hops from any wilt attacks spreading from land upstream. So we can keep brewing with the Fuggles that give Landlord its inimitable flavour. Here’s to Tom Spilsbury, hops hero, beer legend.

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