All for that taste of Taylor's

Timothy Taylor’s only use the very finest ingredients in our beer.
These combined with our uncompromising brewing process ensure we deliver that taste of Taylor’s every time.
We can’t put it down to one thing, or even a couple of things. It’s the result of many things that we do our own way,
still the traditional way, and our refusal to compromise on quality of ingredients or brewing.

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Pub cellar spotted doing 60mph down the M6.

Pub cellar spotted doing 60mph down the M6.

Don’t be alarmed, it’s just one of our lorries. Good beer needs to travel well. So to ensure our beer is delivered to pubs in perfect condition, we designed our own lorries that always keep our casks at cellar temperature, whatever the weather. They keep our beers between 10 and 12 degrees, allowing for the correct conditioning that gives Landlord its clean and crisp flavour. So however near or far from the brewery you are, you’re always going to get that taste of Taylor’s.

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