All for that taste of Taylor's

Timothy Taylor’s only use the very finest ingredients in our beer.
These combined with our uncompromising brewing process ensure we deliver that taste of Taylor’s every time.
We can’t put it down to one thing, or even a couple of things. It’s the result of many things that we do our own way,
still the traditional way, and our refusal to compromise on quality of ingredients or brewing.

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Why we love the rain in Yorkshire.

Why we love the rain in Yorkshire.

Taylor’s brewery sits upon the Knowle Spring, the unique source of water we use to brew our beers. This particularly pure and consistent spring water is one of the reasons we’re able to brew beer of such reliable quality and taste. It has filtered over time through layers of sandstone and black rock, which creates the special mineral qualities that marry perfectly with our Golden Promise barley malt. This unique combination is the foundation of the complex flavour and subtlety of Landlord. And it all begins with rain falling upon the Yorkshire hills. That’s why we’re always happiest when it pours.

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