158 Years of brewing without a coffee break

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158 Years of brewing without a coffee break

That ‘Taste of Taylor’s’ extends beyond just our beers, it is also a part of being ‘Yorkshire’. We’re known for our quick wit, honesty in opinion and friendly demeanour. You may have seen this come across in our witty adverts featured in the national press, Private Eye, Spectator and Time Out.

Often directed squarely at ribbing ourselves, they hint at a few of the quirks that make up ‘All for that Taste of Taylor’s’

After the success of the initial six we are currently originating four new executions. Here are the next two for you to have a chuckle over.

158 years of brewing without a coffee break – View PDF

What do Taylor’s brewers and chefs have in common? – View PDF

View our first 6 witty adverts here – http://www.timothytaylor.co.uk/launch-new-consumer-advertising-campaign/

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