25 years of taming the kilderkin

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25 years of taming the kilderkin

The Staff of Life in Ticknall know a thing or two about serving quality beer. They should; this month they are celebrating 25 years of uninterrupted dedication to serving the perfect pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Landlord is a beer famous for its tricky cellar conditioning due to a rather lively secondary fermentation. So much so, that the beer is well known amongst publicans for its tendency to erupt and drench the unsuspecting if not handled correctly (we suspect owner Chris may have a story or two up his sleeve from the early days that you might want to ask him about).

Only those licensees who can devote the extra time, care and attention to ‘taming the beast’ can deliver the perfect pint, which is why after 25 years you can guarantee you will always be served Landlord in perfect condition. The Staff of Life team are proud members of our exclusive Champion Club – an award only given to pubs who have a dedication to excellence in managing their cellars and can always make sure their pint of Landlord is served in optimum condition.

Chris and team and are looking forward to reopening their doors on the 4th July to greet you with the finest examples of local food and fine cask ale that only a great traditional British pub can deliver. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Chris will be offering Landlord at 1996 prices to the first visitors.

Tim Dewey, CEO of Timothy Taylor’s said: “It gives me great pleasure to recognise that Chris and Kaye have now stocked Landlord for 25 years and, more importantly, used great skill throughout that period to ensure their customers enjoy it in impeccable condition.”

Tim has stayed at The Staff in Ticknall and entertained the team at the brewery in Keighley, Yorkshire where they underwent cellar training with the Taylor’s brewers.

So, here’s to a great partnership that we hope will continue for many years to come, offering our joint customers that great ‘Taste of Taylor’s’ in the heart of Ticknall.

The taming  of the kilderkin.

The taming of the kilderkin.

It may not appear hostile. But the Taylor’s cask is well known amongst landlords for its tendency to erupt and drench the unsuspecting if not handled correctly. We still brew our beer the traditional way, which means it undergoes a vigorous secondary fermentation in the cask. This extra conditioning results in a cleaner and crisper beer. But it also means that our casks demand extra time and care. So when you see Landlord in a pub, you know you’re in the presence of a landlord who has tamed the beast to bring you that Taylor’s Taste. Please thank them for their endeavours.

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