An Ode to Landlord by Fraser Kelly

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An Ode to Landlord by Fraser Kelly

We are always delighted to hear from our fans whether they be here up North, down South or all over the world.

Our team was pleased to receive a message from Reading-based fan Fraser Kelly, who has written a lovely poem about his favourite tipple, Landlord.

Appreciating the effort he has put into the poem and to thank him for his kind words, we wanted to share it with you all.

So without further ado, Timothy Taylor’s presents ‘An Ode to Landlord’ by Fraser Kelly.

An Ode to Landlord

“Amazing, astounding, astonishing Amber Ale. Better British Bitter there is not one on sale Creamy, convivial and dare I now say Craft?

“Deliciously drinkable in bottle or on Draught. Example of excellence, such fine English skill. Fanatics froth and foam til they’ve had their fill. Goblet or a Gallon, I’ve guzzled both in glory.

“Heaped high with Hops, Heart of this old story Immense and inspiring, incredibly intense Jug or in a jar, this ale justly makes sense. Keighley down to Kent and Kirkwall to Kintyre. Lovely, light and luscious, this Landlord’s on fire!!

“Mighty, malty, moreish, makes my day a Marvel. Newcastle to far Newquay, no limits to its travel. Outstanding, outrageous, only ale on my list. Pale Ale my passion, the pint pots I’ve kissed!

“Quality quaffing, my thirst so quickly quenched. Remarkably rich, let ale rain til I’m drenched!

“Sweet citrus salvation and such succulent savour, Tim Taylor takes the trophy for full fruity flavour. Umpteen the jolly jars of this unctious ale I’ve had. Various, viscous & vibrant, not one of them bad. Wonderful & wholesome a good use for my wallet. X my vote for Landlord, it would win a beery ballot. Yorkshire, yeast & yearning core to this pale ale Zealots know there is no end to this zesty tale.

“All hail Landlord Ale!” – Fraser Kelly

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