A Horrifically Spooktacular Halloween

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A Horrifically Spooktacular Halloween

It's all got a little spooky here at the brewery! Witches are stirring our fermenting vessels, vampires are flying out of the chimneys and our drays are looking slightly more like zombies than usual (it's those early mornings).

To celebrate Halloween - our regular Timothy Taylor's cast of characters have all dressed up for the season! Check out the most terrifying line up of monsters you've seen since Space Jam!

Landlord Vampire

Due to the lack of sunlight he can definitely be considered a pale

Boltmaker Frankenstein's Monster

A right pain in the neck

Knowle Spring Witch

Luckily we filter out all the additional eye of newt and toe of frog

Landlord Dark Vampire

The slightly more evil twin brother - a darker shade of pale

Golden Best Werewolf

A genuinely nice bloke on every other day of the month

Dark Mild Mummy

Took the health and safety seminar slightly too far

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Limited edition - only 150 of each design available! Once they're gone, they're gone!

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