How Annabel Smith Works With Timothy Taylor’s

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How Annabel Smith Works With Timothy Taylor’s

March 2015 – Next week Timothy Taylor’s is hosting two great beer and food matching events.

The first is at The Lord Rodney in Keighley on 24 March 6-7:30pm. It’s free for all (no ticket required) and guests can sample five Timothy Taylor’s beers and five different locally sourced cheeses. At the end of the night, the hosts will ask for a vote on what was each person’s favourite combination of beer and cheese.

Guest will have the chance to sample Golden Best, Boltmaker, Landlord, RamTam and Havercake along with cheeses supplied by Delifresh which include brie, Wensleydale, vintage cheddar, gruyère/gouda and hard goat’s cheese. Which do you think will match?

On Thursday 26 March 7-8:30pm, The Town Hall Tavern in Leeds in hosting a Beer and Chocolate night. Again, no ticket is required and visitors can sample Golden Best, Boltmaker, Dark Mild, Landlord, RamTam and Havercake. The chocolate on the night, supplied by Charbonnel, includes mandarin in dark chocolate, gianduja (an Italian chocolate and hazelnut paste wrapped with dark chocolate), pink chocolate hearts, dark chocolate English rose, dark chocolate ginger sticks and milk chocolate sea salted caramel.

Both events will be hosted by Annabel Smith, one of the UK’s first female Beer Sommeliers. She has worked in the beer industry in one form or another for over 25 years. As an impoverished graduate with a less than useless degree, she started her love of beer by serving pints in a traditional cask ale house and grew to love the versatility, sociability and diversity of beer.

After 12 years of serving beer in pubs all over the UK, she branched out, and was employed by Guinness. She trained over 35,000 publicans worldwide how to pour the perfect pint of the Black Stuff. Her love of all things beer continued and she spotted a job for a fledgling organization called Cask Marque who required a beer taster and a training manager. During Annabel’s 10 years with Cask Marque she designed numerous training courses, tested thousands of samples of beer, and raised the awareness and love of cask beer through a relentless media campaign. This has included qualifying as one of the UK’s first Beer Sommeliers.

She is a founder member of Dea Latis, ( a group formed to change women’s perceptions about beer and encourage more women to consider beer as a drink of choice.

Annabel is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and sits on steering committees within the beer industry to advise how to raise the quality and perception of beer.

Annabel is now a freelance Beer Sommelier and is employed as a writer, consultant, trainer and motivational speaker to both the beer industry and consumers, under her company name BeerBelle.

Annabel has a particular passion for engaging females and non-beer drinkers to ‘rethink’ how they perceive beer. This is achieved through events, media features and broadcasting.

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