Oh la la! Love is in the air..

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Oh la la! Love is in the air..

April 2014 – It seems Timothy Taylor’s aren’t only experts at brewing, but able to play cupid as well! Last year we received a strange request, but one we were only more than happy to accommodate. And I’m sure you’ll feel the same when you read this from one of our favourite fans, Timothy.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a strange and (hopefully) desperately romantic request. I hope that you will give me the time to explain.

I’ll try to keep it brief for you, after all I know you are very busy brewing some of the finest ales this country has to offer. If you would indulge me for a minute or two, my story starts four years ago, as I was nervously having my first drink with my now girlfriend on our very first date.

As we were sat down in the bar, I placed my pint upon your ‘Landlord’ beer mat. We joked because (also being named Timothy myself) there was a witty punchline about meeting at the bar on the front of the beer mat. At the time we were having somewhat of a bantererous conversation (first date nerves) I was insisting that I was a good catch (supported by a raucous group of older women in the corner of the bar), she was suggesting I shouldn’t be so full of myself! As fate would have it, as I turned over the beer mat it reads: “A real winner, seeks long term relationship”. There we go, I say. I’m a real winner! She laughs, puts the beer mat in her bag and jokes that if we ever get married, we’ll have to get it out at the wedding.

Last week, on the same day that I ask for her Dad’s permission to ask her to marry me, we are sat in a curry house in Paignton having a meal with our friends and they are joking ‘imagine if Tim asks you to marry him in Paris’… ‘No, he’ll never do that she says’ and then out of the corner of my her eye she sees a now illustrious Timothy Taylor’s beer mat on the table. (Golden Best) “It’s fate!” she says.

Well, nearly four years on from that day (April 2nd 2010…not quite an April fool!) I am whisking her off to Paris for our anniversary with a hopeful plan of asking her to marry me. This is (hopefully) where you come in. Having been such an essential part of the foundations of our relationship so far, it is only right that Timothy Taylor’s is in some way involved in the proposal. I’m cautious of not over planning too much (or I will turn into a nervous wreck) but I would really like to have a customised Timothy Taylor’s beer mat that says “Will you marry me?” on the back. If I can find the right bar my intention is to get her a drink and place it onto the mat.

I don’t know how much of an involvement you have with the designs of your beer mats, but I would be so grateful if you could find a way to make this possible for me? Even just the image would be fine and I can try and find a way of getting it printed onto a mat?

Fingers crossed, and thank you for all your help.



P.S I’m looking forward to a toast with a pint of Timothy Taylor’s finest at the reception…

Having had a special beer mat made, Tim recently wrote to us to say he is happily engaged. She said YES! And who wouldn’t when presented with a bespoke Timothy Taylor’s beer mat en Paris?

We’re delighted for the couple and would like to wish them a very happy wedding day and future together. I’m sure there will be many pints of Timothy Taylor’s beers enjoyed throughout their time together! J

Now, let’s see what other magic we can do…..

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