A Storm is Brewing Again...

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A Storm is Brewing Again...

Hopical Storm is Timothy Taylor's first ever permanently available kegged ale. A 4% ABV aromatic, dry-hopped, modern pale that, while initially launched as a well liked cask product in Summer 2019, also performed exceptionally well when we trialled it in keg at high profile festivals and selected pubs.

Our core business remains in cask but we recognise that there are some quality outlets that either would prefer to offer a keg range to suit changing customers needs or do not have the cellar space throughput or staff expertise to serve cask. However they do want to serve premium, consistent beers from well-respected breweries such as ourselves. Significant investment is being made into building the Timothy Taylor’s brand and we are performing exceptionally well in cask (+12% y/e Sept ‘19 vs. a cask market down 4%).

The style of beer particularly suits the keg format and a cooler serve for warmer weather.

Three stages of hopping to deliver aroma and flavour

Hopical Storm is brewed using whole leaf hops grown entirely in the UK. Citrusy and sessionable, it has a pleasant fruity body topped with flavours of mandarin, mango and passion fruit.

  • Brewed with three stages of hopping to give depth of flavour and an aromatic nose.
  • In the Copper: Whitbread Goldings Variety and Cascade
  • Hop Back stage: Cascade and Chinook
  • Dry Hopping: Jester and Ernest
  • Malts: Golden Promise Pale, Vienna, Munich and Caramalt
  • Available in 30l ekegs

Hopical Storm in keg offers you an opportunity to profit from the growing consumer interest in craft keg ale

  • Craft keg ale is in 36% year-on-year volume growth as pale ales and IPA’s enter the market. Source: GCA OPMS w/e 23/02/19 - Marston’s On Trade Report 2019.
  • It is important to include craft keg ale in your range to extend the appeal to more consumers.
  • We are bucking the cask ale trend and performing exceptionally well. It is proven that drinkers are happy to pay more for a pint of Timothy Taylor’s cask ale given the quality of our beers and reputation.
  • Research indicates that consumers are prepared to pay more per pint for craft keg than standard cask. Coupled with the credibility of Timothy Taylor’s you can use Hopical Storm to take consumers up the premiumisation ladder, therefore enhancing your margin opportunity.
  • Significant brand support to drive awareness and trial - ‘A storm is brewing’ campaign - digital and print, bespoke POS, over 200,000 sampling opportunities at festivals and events.

Suggested price recommendation

Technical requirements

  • Use a Sankey coupler.
  • 70:30 gas mix, gas pressure 30 psi preferred.
  • 8°C serving temperature.

To be part of our journey contact your Timothy Taylor’s Business Development Manager, email tim@timtaylors.co.uk or message us via social media.


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