Timothy Taylor’s Full Range of Bottled Beers Certified as Vegan-Friendly

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Timothy Taylor’s Full Range of Bottled Beers Certified as Vegan-Friendly

We are very proud to announce that our full bottled range of beers have now been certified as vegan-friendly.

We have been working closely with our supplier base, and registered charity The Vegan Society, the oldest vegan society in the world, to ensure the ingredients used in the production process of our beers enabled us to achieve vegan status.

Nick Berkovits, our Second Brewer, explains more: "It’s fantastic to be able to finally announce our vegan credentials after months of hard work by our production and quality assurance teams.

"The Vegan Society and key raw material suppliers have supported us on this journey and at its core is our globally recognised Food Safety & Quality Management System. This has allowed us to trace and assure with total confidence that our bottled and kegged beers are brewed to the vegan philosophy. This is central to our ongoing, sustainability-focused, continuous improvement programme."

All bottled beers, including our world-famous Landlord, will now wear the distinctive Vegan Trademark on their label, helping users identify that the product is free from animal ingredients. Our range of mini kegs and our only current kegged beer, Hopical Storm, will also be identified as vegan on their labelling.

Ericka Durgahee, Marketing Manager at The Vegan Society, said: "Timothy Taylor’s have been working hard behind the scenes to get their iconic bottled beer varieties certified with the Vegan Trademark this year.

"It’s been a pleasure working with them and their suppliers on their journey to having vegan options available. Thank you to them for helping to make choosing an ale easy for everyone!"

Tim Dewey, Timothy Taylor's Chief Executive and Nick Berkovits, Second Brewer

Please note that the vegan status currently only applies to our bottled range of beers, mini kegs, and kegged Hopical Storm, and not our traditional cask products, that still utilise isinglass finings as a clarification process aid. We are currently researching different processes that would enable our cask beers to be vegan-friendly, without sacrificing the quality and clarity of product for which we are famous.

Tim Dewey, our Chief Executive stated: "We have a long history of brewing dating back to 1858. Throughout that time, we have seen numerous cultural and societal shifts in the way people enjoy beer.

"We’ve been asked many times to make our beers vegan-friendly, as some fans of the brewery change lifestyles but still want to enjoy their favourite ale.

"Therefore, it is hugely exciting that our bottled beers, mini kegs and Hopical Storm in keg, can now be enjoyed by more people, without any change in the quality and ‘that taste of Taylor’s’ which people have come to expect throughout our 164-year history."

Please note that some stock in circulation was produced prior to final certification and the addition of the Vegan Trademark to the labels. Please be assured that all bottles and kegs with Best Before Dates of March 2022 onwards are vegan. If you have any queries, please contact us by emailing tim@timtaylors.co.uk.



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