Tom Spilsbury, heroic farmer worthy of being immortalised 

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Tom Spilsbury, heroic farmer worthy of being immortalised 

To everyone here at Timothy Taylor’s, farmer Tom Splisbury is a genuine hero worthy of recognition. Over the last few decades, we have been battling an ongoing killer wilt virus that has destroyed acres of English Fuggle hops.

These particular hops are a crucial ingredient to our beer and the beloved taste you all love could have been seriously threatened. However, Tom recently agreed to plant two new yards of Fuggles on soil elevated from rivers just for Timothy Taylor’s. This particular method ensures our hops are protected from any wilts heading from land upstream.

Although we think he deserves a statue similar to the Angel of the North, we have immortalised good old farmer Tom in our latest cartoon advert in tribute to his hard work. So the next time you have a pint of Landlord in your hand, you might want to take a moment and say cheers to the legend that is Tom Spilsbury.

Our cartoon adverts can be seen in the national press and magazines, including Private Eye. Let us know where if you have spotted them.

Fuggle farmer foils attack of the killer wilt – View PDF

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