We’re supporting the Long Live the Local campaign

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We’re supporting the Long Live the Local campaign

Did you know that in the last three years, more than 3,000 pubs have closed – that’s three pubs closing their doors for good every day? We know more than most how difficult it has been in the last few years keeping pubs open, with us sadly having to close a few in our own estate due to a variety of factors.

Long Live the Local is a campaign backed by a broad alliance of pubs, brewers and industry bodies who together form Britain’s Beer Alliance.

The campaign celebrates the vital role local pubs play in our community, culture and economy whilst highlighting the pressure they are under from a range of taxes including beer duty, business rates and VAT. £1 in every £3 spent in a pub already goes to the taxman.

Last year 116,794 people signed the campaign’s petition, almost 50,000 wrote to their MP asking for a cut in beer duty and more than 19,000 pubs displayed their support with ‘Long Live The Local’ pub kits. The Chancellor heard the voices of pub goers, publicans & politicians and froze beer duty protecting jobs & future investment – but there is more to do.

A beer duty increase is once again planned in the Autumn Budget, so we are encouraging all pub goers and publicans to sign the petition and email their MP to ask for a cut in beer duty. This will help pubs remain at the heart of the communities they serve and continue to make a vital contribution to the UK culture and economy.


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