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Meet Andrew, Nick, Tom, Ewan and Gordon, our five highly trained brewers. Every stage of our traditional brewing process is closely overseen by the brewers, they constantly taste and make fine adjustments to make sure that every pint lives up to the Taylor’s reputation.

How We Brew That Taylor’s Taste

Take a look behind the scenes with our Brewery Tour film to find out how what goes into making that unique Taylor’s taste and our beers so special.

It all starts with 100% Golden Promise barley, specially grown for us in Scotland and the Borders and natural spring water from the Pennine Hills which wells up at our Knowle Spring Brewery.

Gordon oversees the milling of the malt

Brewing operative Peter adds hops to the mash tun during the hopback stage

Ewan inspects the temperature of the mash tun

Yeast in the fermenting vessel

Brewing operatives skim the yeast off the beer during maturation

Filling the casks.

Loading the Dray