The Earl Crag Monuments

A walk from The Dog & Gun, Malsis, near Keighley | 4 miles

The Dog & Gun makes the perfect base camp for a micro-expedition to two follies that will catch your eye as soon as you arrive.

Likened to salt and pepperpots, the follies are perched invitingly on Earl Crag. The tower and obelisk hide their history from the casual visitor and both afford fine views over the Aire valley.

The route is easy to follow. Children may enjoy a scamper around the rocks.

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Turn left out of the pub and up the road then turn left down a gravel lane.

Pass High Malsis Farm house and, in front of garages, turn left and over a stile.

At Bent Farm turn immediately right up a tarmac track which becomes a grassy path to the right of a stream, passing Low Jack Field Farm.


At a row of cottages bear right along a concrete track.

At the road turn left then soon right up a stepped path to Lund's Tower.

Follow the broad grassy path towards Wainman's Pinnacle.


Retrace your steps towards Lund's Tower and at a gate turn sharp left along a path below the Pinnacle and through a gap in the wall.


At the road turn sharp right then left onto a footpath.

Don't enter the trees between the parallel walls but walk with the walls to your right. At a junction with a track turn right and through a metal gate.

Pass Summerseat Farm house and barn and over a stile then cross the field towards a wooden fieldgate.

Pass through the gate and bear left to join the track leading away from Crag End.


Just before old stone gateposts turn right keeping a wall on your left. Pass over two step stiles and cross the next field diagonally.

Pass over a steep step stile and continue with the wall on your left to and through a fieldgate bearing a sheet of corrugated steel with an arrow sprayed onto it.

Pass through it onto a stony track which bears left then right to High Malsis Farm. Retrace your steps.

And what about lunch?

The Dog & Gun. Large, comfortable pub and restaurant with tables outside and fine views. Cosy in the winter, airy in the summer.

What are the best bits?

Lund's Tower: Also known as Ethel's Tower, Lund's Tower was built as an eye-catcher by industrialist James Lund of Malsis Hall across the valley from Earl Crag to celebrate either Queen Victoria's golden jubilee in 1897 or his daughter Ethel's 21st birthday the preceding year. The door is not blocked and you can ascend the gloomy spiral staircase to the small viewing platform at the top. Be the king of the castle!

Wainman's Pinnacle: Inscriptionless and dating back to 1816, this monument, also an eye-catcher, was built by a member of the Wainman family of nearby Carr Head Hall. Although it is often said to date back to the Civil War, the most likely explanation is that it was built by William Wainman to commemorate the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Wainman’s son had served in the campaign against the French so the monument would also have celebrated his safe return home. The obelisk has been damaged several times by lightning. It was rebuilt at the turn of the 19th century and repaired again in 1953 by Harry Bannister, the then owner of Carr Head.

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