A beer befitting a hero

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A beer befitting a hero

We are pleased to announce the launch of Poulter’s Porter as part of our new Taylor Made range of beers.

Private Arthur Poulter was awarded the Victoria Cross (Britain’s highest award for bravery) for gallantly carrying ten wounded comrades to safety, amid intense fire, during the great German offensive of the First World War in April 1918. When asked how he found the strength, Arthur credited it to the time he spent working at Taylor’s malting’s carrying sacks of barley. His photograph still adorns the brewery walls to this day. So, it’s with pride that we can pay tribute to this hero with a Porter as full of character as he was. 

Poulter’s Porter is a rich, dark, warming 4.8% ABV porter with hints of coffee, chocolate and liquorice – perfect for winter. It is now available in most of our pub estate (visit the pubs page to find out their locations) and other good stockists. 

For the past year, Andrew Leman, our Head Brewer, and his team of four Heriot-Watt-trained brewers have been experimenting, developing and tinkering with different malts, hop varieties and styles of beer in our new five-brewer’s-barrels micro-brewery. They’re excited to announce three small-batch, special edition beers of which Poulter’s Porter is the first one to be released in cask. As the craft market continues to grow, consumers are increasingly seeking out new, flavourful, and well-crafted beers from reputable breweries. 

Cook Lane IPA 5.8% ABV will be released in cask March 2018 and is named after the site of Timothy Taylor’s first brewery in Keighley. The brewers wanted to create a best in class modern IPA using aromatic English grown Cascade and Chinook hops. This gives the beer a less harsh and gentler flavour profile than many of the extreme, hoppy IPAs currently flooding the market.

1858 Brown Ale is named after the year Timothy Taylor started brewing and is a modern 5.3% ABV, beefed up take on a brown ale. Stronger brown ales are a growing trend in the US and the brewers wanted to introduce a higher gravity, easier drinker version of this popular style into the UK. 1858 Brown Ale will be released in cask July 2018. 

All three beers are now available in 330ml bottles and can be purchased from our online shop. They are being rolled out to our pub estate, restaurants, independent retailers and selected supermarkets in the coming months. 

Andrew Leman and his team, are delighted with the results.  He says “we are proud to be a SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) Assured British Craft Brewer. This gives ale drinkers the confidence to trust the provenance and authenticity of our beers. This is particularly important as more and more craft breweries are bought by and operated by large industrial brewers. At Taylor’s we have and will always put the quality of our beer first for one simple reason: we love beer and it is All for that Taste of Taylor’s. We hope that drinkers will enjoy our new Taylor Made range as much as we have enjoyed developing it”. 

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