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Case Studies

Landlord is a much-loved beer that sells very well. It’s hard to find but customers are prepared to travel to find a pint of it and pay a premium for it. Many publicans find that it enhances the reputation of their pub when it’s on. Here are some testimonials from Landlord stockists.

It’s well-loved, but not always easy to find

Holly Bush Inn, Makeney, Belper, Derbyshire.

Recent research* revealed that Landlord has the highest proportion of drinkers who consider it their favourite ale, but the lowest proportion who can find it in their local. Why not be the pub where drinkers can find their favourite beer?

* Incite Quantitative Consumer Pricing Research. May 2015.

“We have people come from miles around just for a pint of Landlord”

Chris Wilbraham, Holly Bush Inn, Makeney, Belper, Derbyshire.

It’s a beer that sells quickly and well

The Bull, Ditchling.

Landlord is a moreish, refreshing, session beer that people tend to stick with throughout the night. Wherever it’s served it sells quickly.

“We have five ales on and Landlord accounts for a third of our volume”

Molly, The Bull, Ditchling.

It can enhance the reputation of a pub

The Racehorses Hotel, Kettlewell.

Drinkers know that a pint of delicious, well-kept Landlord is the sign of a good pub where the Landlord knows his beer.

“Serving Landlord has helped establish us as one of the best pubs in the area. Locals and tourists really appreciate finding such a quality ale on the bar”

Kevin Sands, The Racehorses Hotel, Kettlewell.

Cadeby Inn, Doncaster.

"Landlord is by far our biggest selling beer and we are extremely proud to be associated with such a well-known prestigious regional brand"

Ben Jones, Cadeby Inn, Doncaster.

It’s a beer for which you can charge a premium

The Fat Badger, Harrogate

Drinkers know that Landlord is worth paying that bit extra for compared to an ordinary beer, and are happy to pay it.

“We sell Landlord at a 50p premium, our customers are happy to pay the extra, and it remains one of our best- selling, highest volume lines”

John Dyer, The Fat Badger, Harrogate